The Road to Jasper: Icefield’s Parkway

Another belated blog post (I’m definitely going to try and keep up with it this year, I promise).  In fact, it’s one of my new year’s resolutions. But back to the topic at hand: just when I thought Canada couldn’t get anymore surreal we ventured onto the Icefield’s Parkway.  This is a long stretch of…… Continue reading The Road to Jasper: Icefield’s Parkway

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Moraine Lake & The Banff Gondola

This summer I was lucky enough to spend two weeks exploring the Canadian Rockies and the national parks that protect them.  My particular favourite was Banff – the oldest national park in Canada and arguably one of the most incredible places to visit in the world. And if you’re wondering what it is that makes…… Continue reading Moraine Lake & The Banff Gondola

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The Grand Tetons & A Rainy Day in Jackson Hole

Our journey continued out of Yellowstone and onwards towards Grand Teton National Park. It wasn’t long before the mountain range flooded through the front window of the van, looking absolutely surreal.  It wasn’t everyday you had a view like in front of you. We made a few stops on the way into the park so we…… Continue reading The Grand Tetons & A Rainy Day in Jackson Hole