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Texas: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Our experience of the mighty ol’ Texas was a bit of a whirlwind from start to finish, consisting of crazy weather, good food and impromptu tattoos!  It was one of the States that I’ll particularly remember because of the memories (however strange) I made there. So if you fancy reading about what I got up…… Continue reading Texas: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Monument Valley & A Night With The Navajos

Still travelling through the southern states aka. home of the red rock, our next stop was Monument Valley.  This desert-like landscape has been used as a backdrop in many films – a particular favourite being Forrest Gump – so was another iconic destination to tick off my bucket list. We arrived at our campsite and…… Continue reading Monument Valley & A Night With The Navajos

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The Grand Canyon (IN A HELICOPTER)

Whilst exploring southern USA with Trek America, we were offered several optional activities – one of these being a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Out of all the excursions, this was by far the most pricey and before going I’d made sure to read up on previous Trekkers’ experiences to see if it was worthwhile. …… Continue reading The Grand Canyon (IN A HELICOPTER)

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The Grand Tetons & A Rainy Day in Jackson Hole

Our journey continued out of Yellowstone and onwards towards Grand Teton National Park. It wasn’t long before the mountain range flooded through the front window of the van, looking absolutely surreal.  It wasn’t everyday you had a view like in front of you. We made a few stops on the way into the park so we…… Continue reading The Grand Tetons & A Rainy Day in Jackson Hole

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From Badlands to Mount Rushmore

Whilst travelling with Trek America, we got pretty used to having lunch whilst on the go.  There were several coolers in the trailer, filled with pre-sliced ham, cheese, salad and a variety of spreads, which we crammed inside wraps or slices of bread. And this lunch was eaten pretty much anywhere.  Sometimes as a picnic,…… Continue reading From Badlands to Mount Rushmore