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Seattle: my top 5 “must sees”


With only one full day to explore Seattle and so many great things to see, we knew our itinerary had to be short and snappy from the get go.  We’d come to the terms that we weren’t going to bump into any of the Grey’s Anatomy cast (however gutted we were), so instead decided to make the most of our time by seeing some of the major landmarks and sites instead.  Although, I can vouch that none of these would have beaten bumping into Alex Karev; sorry to break it to ya.

Anyway, after a bit of googling and pouring over our little “guide to Seattle” handbook, we had our itinerary picked out, with some space for a little unplanned mooching too.  So, if you’re heading to Seattle some time soon, or just stumbled across this post by accident and still happen to be reading – here’s my FIVE “must-sees” when exploring Seattle.

  • The Space Needle

The space needle is probably the most iconic building on the Seattle skyline, you don’t have to be a travel enthusiast to recognise it.  It’s a definite MUST for any tourist visiting this city. The area around the space needle itself is also full of stuff to do, including the popular MoPOP (Museum of Science and Culture) which is a pretty funky looking building from the outside.  

However, if city views are more your thing, then you can ride to the top of the space needle for a panoramic view of Seattle itself. Wowza.

IMG_0133 (1)

  • Public Market Centre

The market itself is Seattle’s most visited landmark, which is definitely saying something considering it’s a market.  Plus, you’ll get to see the first ever Starbucks which is situated just across from the market, which, if you’re a coffee fan, you may find kinda cool.  No matter the length of your trip you’re bound to wind up exploring the market stalls for a souvenir at some point. And when you do, I would 100% recommend checking out the Pike Place Fish Market (the most famous stall of the lost), as you might catch the employees throwing the fish around in the air.  


  • Bubblegum alley

A lot of cities now have their own version of a bubblegum alley, but if you’ve never visited one in person, this’ll make a fun addition to your itinerary.  It’ll either draw one of two responses from you; an “oo, that sounds cool” or an “ew, that sounds gross”. I have to say, my reaction was a mixture of the two, but, hey. that didn’t stop me from sticking a piece of my own heavily chomped gum right up there next to the rest.  Plus, it made for some pretty cool photos. Just make sure you don’t get your hair stuck when posing for the camera!


  • Kerry Park

I mentioned earlier about riding to the top of the space needle for a city view, but I turned this down just like I turned down climbing the Empire State Building in New York.  I don’t see the point in climbing to the top of iconic buildings, because when you look out at the skyline .. the main landmark itself it missing!

That’s where Kerry Park comes into play, it’s well known for its incredible view of the city and hey, you even get the iconic space needle in your shot too!  It’s a little drive from the centre, but a much better alternative, and it’s completely free! What I’m simply trying to say is that it ticks all of the boxes.  I gottchu covered.


  • Explore downtown

For this “must-see”, I don’t have a specific location, just more of a general area.  Exploring the downtown of any city is must on an itinerary, as it offers the opportunity for some great photos, but to also experience the less touristy-side of things.  Seattle has a little bit of everything; great buildings, ocean views, plenty of shops. The ideal place for some of that unscheduled “mooching” I mentioned earlier.


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