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Whistler’s iconic train wreck hike


Whistler really does have it all.  It’s open as a ski resort in the winter and offers dirt biking in the summer, all the while surrounding you with incredible mountain views!  I visited during the summer months and was a little skeptical about visiting a ski resort in the hotter months.  However, it turns out Whistler was still alive and thriving with dozens of activities on offer; one of their most prominent ones being dirt biking down the ski slopes.

If dirt biking isn’t your thing – or maybe it is, but you still craving something else – then I can highly recommend taking on the zipline tour that is scattered through the mountains.  You can read my blog post here about taking on the fastest zipline in the whole of North America.  A defo must for any adrenaline junkie!

GPTempDownload (1)

Hiking and exploring the outdoors is also a must for your agenda and the “train wreck” hike was one of my favourite finds during our time in Whistler.  I’d already had the chance to see a crashed plane whilst out on Vancouver Island, so, naturally I was eager to tick off a train too!

It’s a short, half an hour walk through some woods to get to the wreck itself, plus you’ll get to cross a little small suspension bridge that passes over the Cheakakmus River and offers some great views.  The trees offer some nice, much needed shade which makes the walk itself a little more comfortable.  And, unlike the similar plane-wreck hike I completed in Tofino (you can read about that bad boy here), this hike takes place on a well signposted trail making it almost impossible to get lost.  It’s definitely less strenuous too, which makes it ideal in books.

IMG_0113IMG_0140 (1)

The cargo-train itself derailed in 1956 after hitting an area of track that was under repair at some speed.  The result was several boxcars scattered through the trees; seven if you’re counting and want to tick them all off.  And ever since it has become a place for graffiti artists to express their art, the colourful wreck soon attracting tourists and mountain bikers to explore.  

IMG_0119IMG_0127 (1)IMG_0092IMG_0114

Thanks for reading 🙂

If you’ve ever been to Whistler I’d love to know what you got up to?

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