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Taking on the fastest (and longest) zipline in North America

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So where can you find the fastest zipline in North America?  The answer lies in Whistler, Canada. The zipline itself belongs to ZipTrek and is called The Sasquatch.  It’s two kilometers long (yikes) and will have you reaching a potential speed of 80mph. A definite for any adrenaline junkie!  It’s the fastest and longest zipline in the whole of the USA and Canada!

I spent the whole day ziplining with my sister as it was her birthday.  We completed the “Mammoth” tour, which took on all ten ziplines and took almost five hours, including our lunch break.  So you can imagine it was a heck of a day. Each of these ziplines were absolutely incredible, surrounded by the mountains as you flew above the trees.

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And then, to top it all off, it was time to complete the last – and eleventh – zipline of the day, the one we’d been anticipating since we’d woken up.  We had to take a van ride to the top as the chairlift we needed to get up wasn’t running, and all I could think about on the way up was how bloody excited I was.  You can go down in pairs as there are two lines that run parallel to each other, so it’s an experience you get to share. My sister and I decided to go first, deciding it was better to get ourselves strapped in so neither of us could bottle it!

And then, after a three second countdown we were off!

GPTempDownload (1)GPTempDownload (2)

It was incredible!  It definitely felt like you were hurtling down the mountain, there was no denying the sensation of speed.  I had to be careful not to lose my sunglasses into the abyss below. The ride itself takes around two minutes all in all, but I would say it feels a little longer.  I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t over and done with within a couple of seconds, but, instead you could look around and appreciate the view … after you’ve acclimatised to the fact you’re going 80mph, that is.

There was no denying the rush it gave me afterwards, I mean, I desperately wanted to go for another round.  But after the long day we’d had, I was desperate for some grub! I’m now determined to tick the fastest zipline in the world off my bucket list, so a trip to Wales might be in order!

If you’re looking to get your blood pumping and are heading Whistler way, then check out ZipTrek’s website here.

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