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Where to eat on a budget in Tofino, Canada


Being a small village with a population smaller than 2,000 people, Tofino isn’t exactly a hub fast food eateries and cheap supermarkets.  Sure, there are restaurants and cafes all along the main street, but after looking at a few of the menus we were scared off by the $20+ prices.  It was also the style of food that put me off; not being a huge fan of seafood whilst staying in a coastal village wasn’t exactly the best combination.  Sure, I eat cod, but I quickly draw the line when it comes to octopus and shellfish. My tastes aren’t exactly exotic.

However, there were still plenty of places to eat in Tofino that weren’t too outrageously priced and were just as rewarding after a long day out exploring.  So, if you’re looking for the cheaper (but still hella delicious) option, then here are my three favourite places to eat in Tofino:

Wildside Grill

Now this is somewhere we visited more than once whilst staying in Tofino.  It’s located in the Live to Surf parking lot among a few other eateries and a small (emphasis on the word small) convenience store (read: shack).  Now you might be hearing “parking lot” and be thinking, uh, no thanks, I’ll give this one a miss, but I can promise you you won’t be eating whilst inhaling exhaust fumes.

There’s a seating area full of tables underneath hut-style umbrellas, with fairy lights to add to the whole whimsical vibe.  As for the food, the burgers are absolutely to die for and went a long way to helping my achy post-hike feet. The menu itself has a range of burgers, from fish, to chicken, to your mouth watering cheese and bacon.  They even serve breakfast ciabattas until noon (swoon).

But if it’s tacos you’re after, definitely wait till my next recommendation!

(Check the Wildside Grill website here.)



Now if you’re like me and L-O-V-E mexican food, then this place is definitely for you.  Tacofino appears on every single Tofino food list and there’s a good reason for it too; it’s bloody delicious.  The original food truck is also located in the Live to Surf parking lot (it’s been there for almost 10 years), just don’t be put off if there is a queue, it is definitely worth the wait.  I had a super filling burrito that was bursting with chicken, beans, rice and cheese (I’m salivating at the thought of it), but I have heard that their fish tacos are to die for.

At half the price of a restaurant meal, you’d be stupid not to add this pit stop to your itinerary.

(You can check out their website here.)

IMG_0184IMG_0080 (1)

Big Daddy’s Fish Fry

Despite not being a huge fan of fancy seafood, I am a sucker for your bog standard fish and chips.  And I’m not sure it would be a proper coastal getaway without having it at least once! We stumbled across this gem on the main high street, nestled between some of the fancier restaurants, lit up with fairy lights in the evening.  Their fish & chips 100% hit the spot!

We even went back another day to try their loaded fries (I had cheese & gravy, but they do other options too) and they were hella yummy!

IMG_0077 (1)

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