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Finding a plane wreck on Vancouver Island


One of the highlights of my trip to Canada this summer was a crashed bomber plane found in Tofino on Vancouver Island.  It’s a world war two plane that crash landed after an engine failure back in 1945.  Now before you think I’m slightly morbid for getting excited about a plane wreck, let me tell you that all passengers and crew survived to tell the tale!

Although this hike isn’t officially supported by Parks Canada, it is one of the most popular ones to do whilst in Tofino.  The downside is that there aren’t any “official” directions and every year a handful of tourists get lost trying to find it.  The key is to make sure you can always see the handy bits of rope and tape markers that are dotted through the trees as they do lead you in the right direction.


The hike out to the plane is supposed to take just over an hour, though I put emphasis on the “supposed” as it can vary due to the rather precarious terrain.  The hike starts off like a normal trail through the woods, after about ten minutes you pass an abandoned building covered in graffiti.  It’s as you walk away from the building that the hike gets a little more interesting.

A good portion of this hike runs through a large bog, which if you’re trying to stay reasonably clean (trying being the key word here), then this section could slow you down.  It involves balancing on fallen tree trunks and roots, whilst using hanging branches to steady yourself.  Definitely a lot of fun and sniggers if you don’t mind getting muddy from the occasional slip.

Finally, the bog finishes (and boy you’ll be relieved) and opens out into flatter terrain.  You’ll then stumble across a pond, which formed after the rescue crew detonated the remaining charges found on the plane.  From here you should be able to see the tail end of the plane poking out through the trees in the distance.  And there you have it!


Overall, the hike took around three hours, there and back and including a much needed rest break.  It’s definitely something I would recommend doing if you ever find yourself in Tofino, as a crashed plane is not something you stumble across everyday.  You can read more about it here.


And afterwards,  Tofino offers some great places to eat if you need to re-fuel!  I wrote a blog post on my three favourite places to grab a bite to eat, so feel free to check that out here!

Have you ever visited Vancouver Island?  If so, where abouts did you go?  I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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