The Food Diaries

The Food Diaries: Welcome

Hey, hi and welcome!  Well, this is new.

Aside of travel, food is another huge passion of mine (wow, I’m even more a cliche now, huh).  I’m the sort of person that photographs every meal they have so I can store the evidence in my glorious and specifically created “food porn” album.  I also really love trying new restaurants and places to eat. All of this combined, I decided I needed somewhere to write about my favourite meals and share my recommendations with others.  Thus, the “Food Diaries” were born.

I’m going to slowly start integrating these posts alongside my travel inspired ones, putting to use some of my mouthwatering snaps.  Plus, it gives me another excuse to eat out and indulge myself. I’m sure my girlfriend will be grateful to, as always, she will be dragged along with me.

So, please, if you have a huge appreciation for food like myself, then make sure to keep an eye on the “The Food Diaries” tab at the top of this page!  I’ll make sure to have some content up there soon. 🙂

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