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Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour

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The reputation Stadium Tour has finally (heartbreakingly) come to an end.  So I thought it was only proper to send a goodbye to this era in the form of a blog post.

The reputation era itself started in the best way imaginable: being invited by Taylor herself to a “Secret Session” to hear the album before it was released to the public.  After being a fan for over nine years, it was a very surreal experience, – from getting the invite, to arriving at Taylor’s house (um, what?), to being told she’d been watching me online for a year before deciding she trusted me enough to share her album with me early.  Yeah, pretty incredible huh. You can read more about it in this blog post.

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Starting the era on such a high then meant my expectations were sky high.  In my head, nothing could top meeting Taylor herself. That was the ultimate moment!  But I still was very excited to see the songs I had first heard in Taylor’s living room, live on stage, in front of an audience.  It was like sharing an intimate moment with a whole stadium of people. And she didn’t disappoint.

The shows themselves were incredible; the greatest use of special effects and staging I had ever seen (even if I am slightly biased).  There were giant inflatable snakes, moving screens, cleverly thought out visuals, pyrotechnics and fireworks galore. It was a two hour production that had the whole audience captivated and singing along, especially as she pulled so many classics out of the bag – there was something for everyone.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetTaylor also focused the shows on trying to get as close to as many fans as possible, which included flying across the whole floor (twice), performing songs on two smaller stages towards the back of the arena, and walking through part of the crowd, grabbing hands and saying hey.  Wild huh. This meant that this part of the setlist was spent running around the entire floor space, following her from stage to stage, and dancing underneath her as she swept above us in a snake shaped lift. I’m pretty sure security were losing the heads with the amount of people ditching their seats and charing around.

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I was lucky enough to experience the show from several different perspectives – the pit, the floor, the first tier – so each time was a different show within itself.  I got to see her from the front row and also from the back, but each time was just as magical and fun, surrounded by friends I had only met because of being a fan.

I was even lucky enough to feature on the big screen!  Every night before the show started, a lil video montage from the Secret Session I attended was played on the big stadium screens, which meant my face was on the screen before every show of the reputation tour.  Hey, it might have been for only a second, but I still found it pretty cool!


I am so grateful for everything this era has brought me; the cross-country roadtrips, the late night dance parties, the hug that I’d needed for so long.  I guess I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sad about saying goodbye to reputation, despite the excitement of a new era to come. I could be cheesy and quote Taylor here by saying “hold onto the memories, they will hold onto you” (and okay, cheesy is as cheesy does, that quote does sum up the gist of this post), but instead I’m going to leave it with this: goodbye reputation, and thank you!

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