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My favourite hikes in Jasper National Park

IMG_0015Being only a two hour drive from Banff along the Icefields Parkway and the largest National Park in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper receives around three million tourists each year.  It’s the perfect location for those, like myself, who are completely infatuated with the mountains and loves exploring the outdoors.  

So, if you’re heading towards the Rockies anytime soon, or just fancy perusing through some incredible photos, here’s a list of my favourite hikes in Jasper National Park!

  • Maligne Canyon

First things first, this is the deepest in Jasper National Park!  So it’s no wonder that it is a favourite among tourists. There are six bridges to cross in total along the 3.7km hike, each giving you a different perspective of the canyon and the gushing water beneath it.  If you’re looking for a hike that’ll submerge you with natural beauty: this is it. Although this is a fairly easy walk it isn’t a round trip, which means that eventually you’ll have to walk back the way you came to find your car.

IMG_0022 (1)IMG_0024

Valley of the Five Lakes

As the name states, this hike weaves its way around five surreal lakes.  As you’ll see in the photos below, these lakes are incredible shades of blue and look pretty unreal.  But I can promise that I didn’t just crank up the saturation on these photos; the water is just as serene and turquoise in real life.

IMG_0014 (2)IMG_0174

  • Sunwapta Falls

Now this one is less of a hike (oops) and more of a incredible waterfall situation.  It’s a 600m mosey from the carpark, which makes it an easy win for anyone! All I’ll say is, make sure to have your camera ready.


  • Mount Edith Cavell

Now this hike is rather a famous one, as it’s named after an English nurse who was executed by the Germans in World War I.  She is memorialised for saving the lives of soldiers from both sides, without discrimination. There are only 180 vehicle permits are given out daily, so it operates on a first come, first served basis.  Expect to be waiting outside Jasper’s Visitor Centre from very early the day before to snag a permit. But if you do manage, then the trail is worth it. You’ll get to see a beautiful glacier spilling down the side of the mountain itself.


Maligne Lake

The lake itself is vast and very beautiful so you could easily spend a day there hiking around and grabbing lunch at the onsite restaurant.  However, Maligne Lake is more popularly known for Spirit Island, which happens to be the one of the most photographed locations in the Canadian Rockies.  Wowza. So I would definitely recommend booking onto one of the boat trips out to see the island, especially if you’re a sucker for a good view! The ideal treat after a morning hike around the lake itself.

IMG_0015IMG_0018 (3)

Aaaand, that’s a wrap!  Thanks for reading my post & I’d really appreciate it if you’d share it if you enjoyed it.

Have you ever been to Jasper National Park?  If so, what was your favourite hike?  Did it make it onto my list?  I’d love to know in the comments below!

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