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Texas: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Our experience of the mighty ol’ Texas was a bit of a whirlwind from start to finish, consisting of crazy weather, good food and impromptu tattoos!  It was one of the States that I’ll particularly remember because of the memories (however strange) I made there.

So if you fancy reading about what I got up to whilst in Texas (the good, the bad AND the ugly), then sit yourself down, get comfy and keep reading!

 The Good: A fancy ride & Pride 

I guess there’s no better way to get a taste of Texas than with food.  It was one of my fellow trekker’s birthday, so we were going to a Texan Steakhouse to celebrate.  And of course, what better way to get around than a Texas-fied limousine (a very cool highlight to my trip).

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We also struck gold in Austin when we found out we would be in town the same night as their pride festival!  I mean, a Pride festival … in Texas .. this was definitely something we had to see with our own eyes to believe.  So, quite naturally, we dressed ourselves in the brightest things we could find in our suitcases and drew on our faces with sharpie (followed by a compulsory Strawberita) and headed into the centre of Austin!

It ended up being a really great night.  We managed to grab loads of cheesy freebies (a rainbow fridge magnet?  Don’t mind if I do!) and had fun just watching the parade go by.

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The Bad: Nearly Dying .. Or Something Like That

When we first arrived in Texas, our first stop was Amarillo, which is where we were scheduled to spend the night.  However, whilst driving the sky had gotten increasingly darker and by the time we pulled up to our KOA campsite, the sky was worryingly grey. Our trek leader told us to quickly put up our tents before it started to rain, the idea being we could dump all our stuff inside to keep it dry.  And cause putting tent up in the rain didn’t sound much fun, we all quickly got to it.

The problem was, the wind had picked up, which made pitching a tend a very difficult task.  I remember having all the poles threaded through and the all the pegs securely in the ground, and then a huge gush of wind came barreling through and our tent was flattened.  No kidding.  Someone else’s tent almost took off, another one’s poles snapped.  It suddenly became a game of grabbing all our stuff and lying on top of it in attempt to stop it from blowing away.  It was definitely the strongest wind we’d encountered whilst on our trip in the states.

It was only as the first rain drops started to fall from the sky that our leader decided it was time to abort our mission.  Or maybe it was jealousy of the smug onlooking caravans.  Luckily for us, there were still a few cabins left to rent!  So we shoved our tents (which were now looking a little sorry for themselves) into the van and headed over to our much drier and much more stable accommodation for the night.  Thank god!


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Welcome to Texas.

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And The Ugly: Getting Tattoos

A few of our group had been thinking about getting tattoos whilst in the grand old USA, but personally, I hadn’t really given it too much thought.  Pretty much everything in America had an age limit of 21, so I didn’t even consider getting a tattoo to be a possibility.

It was only whilst I was reading the terms & conditions over a friend’s shoulder and read that the legal age was 18, that my mind became kinda set.  I’d already been looking at the sheets of designs whilst my friends were choosing what to have themselves and had already picked out the ones I liked.  So I was pretty much set.

I settled for a globe.  It was something to mark the adventure I was on and to also mark my love for travel and exploring.  A more permanent souvenir to take home with me. (sorry mum).  The actual process set me a little on edge.  I was absolutely fine until the guy told me he was going to start and then the nervous sweating started.  Let’s just say, by the time he had finished, I was embarrassingly drenched.  But, despite that, pleased with the result.

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Have you ever been to Austin?  Or have you ever gotten an impulsive tattoo?  I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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