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Monument Valley & A Night With The Navajos

Still travelling through the southern states aka. home of the red rock, our next stop was Monument Valley.  This desert-like landscape has been used as a backdrop in many films – a particular favourite being Forrest Gump – so was another iconic destination to tick off my bucket list.

We arrived at our campsite and pitched out tents .. on the actual sand (which was defo a little strange, but 100% added to the full experience).  It was only then that I realised how jaw dropping the view in front of me was.  The red rock in front of me made these absolutely unreal land forms.  I mean, see for yourself ..

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Our plan for the evening was to go on a 4X4 tour through the valley, before having dinner with some of the natives.  We were getting the fully immersive experience and I was so damn excited for it all!

The drive itself was definitely entertaining!  There were several moments where the jeep felt out of control as we sped across some uneven terrain (make sure to hold onto any loose bits!).  During the smoother parts of the drive, our guide explained the meaning behind some of the landmarks (one of them looked like a pair of hands praying), which made the whole thing even more interesting.  We were even lucky enough to catch sight of a wild fox climbing among the landscape.

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Our jeep tour then continued towards some Navajo hogans (hut-like-houses), which we got to explore.  It was definitely interesting seeing for ourselves how the native people lived.  We even got to watch demonstrations on weaving baskets and hair braiding.

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For dinner we were served ‘Navajo Tacos’ which we had cooked for us.  A luxury after cooking our own food on Trek for the past couple of days.  And, considering it had been cooked in the middle of nowhere, the food tasted amazing!  Rice, beans, bread, and some delicious cooked beef – it was no wonder most of us went up for a second helping.

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And to end the night, we all stood in a circle – the only light coming from lanterns and the occasional camera flash – and watched as they performed for us.  One guy dressed up in this bright native-looking outfit and danced along to a drum.  It was a very atmospheric end to the evening and something I shall never forget.

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Have you ever been to Monument Valley?  If so, what was a highlight for you?

I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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