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Horseshoe Bend & Swimming in Lake Powell

One of my favourite parts of exploring Arizona, was the insane presence of red rock.  It was literally everywhere, as far as the eye could see. Our first stop of the day was Glen Canyon dam which holds back Lake Powell.  I’d never seen a dam this big before in person, so it was pretty…… Continue reading Horseshoe Bend & Swimming in Lake Powell


Long Distance Relationships: the reality

Nowadays, it would be pretty hard to find someone who hasn’t experienced long distance in some way or another.  Whether it’s with a friend, family or partner – life likes to test us by throwing a curve ball (usually in the form of Uni or work) at those we love the most. And, although being apart from people you…… Continue reading Long Distance Relationships: the reality

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Hiking the Grand Canyon: My Experience & Tips

Where do I even begin when trying to write a blog post about the Grand Canyon?  I mean seriously.  Major bucket list moment.  And something I never thought in my lifetime I would have the opportunity to see. I can remember the exact moment I looked out into the canyon for the first time.  Our…… Continue reading Hiking the Grand Canyon: My Experience & Tips