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Vegas, Baby!

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Everyone knows the saying – What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

So I’m going to keep a few details from our time in Sin City to myself.

To be quite honest, Vegas surpassed all of my expectations.  I was expecting something a little trashy; a city full of strippers and over indulged gamblers.  And instead, I was greeted with something a little more classy.  Sure, there were casinos and clubs and god knows what else along the strip – but I found it all kind of exciting.

It was the sort of place that anything seemed to go.  And I’m not just talking clothes wise.  Our hotel – the Golden Nugget – which was conveniently on the strip, had a waterslide that ran right through a shark tank.  Another hotel, called the Venetian, has a mock Italian style canal running through the middle, gondolas and everything.

And this crazy city was also a brilliant place for me to spend results day (like, seriously, the timing couldn’t have been better).

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Included in our trip with Trek America was a two hour ride on a party bus.  We merged with another group for this

All it took was a few too many Strawberitas, a coupla Taylor Swift tracks and some flashing lights in the back of a bus and we were all having the time of our lives.  Well, from what little I can remember, I definitely was.

We stopped off at the iconic ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign whilst on our drive so, of course, group shots were well and truly necessary.

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Then *insert broken heart* it was time for the over 21s to go and explore the clubs, leaving us babies

I remember arriving back at our hotel at some ridiculous hour and making our way straight onto the strip to find food.  By now, Vegas was fully awake, and the strip was honestly at it’s busiest – there were people in drag, girls in bikinis, guys singing, hen parties.  THIS was the side of Vegas you see in the movies.  Trashy.  Loud.  But somehow, normal.  Anything seemed acceptable which made everything a little less outrageous.  Vegas was running on it’s own agenda.

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So, ya!  Big night out.  Lotsa fun.

All the above called for a major lie in the next morning.  Oh, and food obviously.  A couple of us decided to head over to the buffet on offer in our hotel.  It was a lil pricey, but we had vouchers – and even so, it was so damn with it.  Never had I see a buffet so fresh in my life.  The food didn’t taste like it was mass produced, n freshly cooked dishes were served every half an hour or so.  Plus they had Krispy Kreme doughnuts .. at a buffet .. as in, take as many as you want.  Which obviously resulted in some sneaky smuggling of doughnuts back up to our rooms for later.

I think it was after lunch that we realised Vegas was wayyyy too hot for us to go exploring during the day.  Literally.  The melt your brains kinda hot.  So we decided that we were way overdue a lil shop in an American mall.  I mean, at this point I’d been in the states for over three weeks and hadn’t actually set foot inside a shopping mall.

So, with Uber being my new best pal – cause is there really any better way to get around in America? – we ventured to the nearest air-con infused mall to get out shop on.


This may have also been the day I fell in love with Hot Topic.

This particular shop had been on my list from the moment I knew I was going to America.  No kidding.  So finally getting to explore everything it had was a very special moment.  I can remember walking around the store and picking up at least a dozen things – it was only when I realised that my armful of loot equated to $250, that I had to part ways with some (most) of it.

Though, I still made it out with a funky pair of Doctor Who pjs, a Panic! at the Disco tour tee and some cute Harry Potter jewellery.  Kinda tempted to return to the USA with a large EMPTY suitcase purely to visit Hot Topic again.

The rest of our day included pit stops in Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Hollister and, of course, the Disney store.  Then – with arms a little too full considering our spending money had to last three more weeks – we headed back to our hotel.

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My final night in Vegas consisted of a burrito from some vendor on the strip (classy, I know) and then an Uber ride to the Stratosphere.

I didn’t actually get to take a photo of the Stratosphere from the outside (oops), but it’s a really iconic building in Vegas.  It’s part hotel, part casino, part look out tower – so if you pay for a ticket to go to the top, you get quite a surreal view of the city below.  And I would totally recommend going at night – mainly because that’s when Vegas really comes to life and everywhere lights up – and it’s not as busy too.

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And to make things even more surreal, we arrived at the top just as a huge thunder storm broke out.  Huge.  As in, bright strikes of lightning breaking across the sky, brighter than the intense neon glow of the city beneath.

I’m actually kinda glad I got to see the storm as it definitely made our viewing experience a lot more interesting and also (because priorities, y’know) made for some pretty cool photos.

The two below I didn’t capture myself – shout out to my friend Grace for being on ball with her camera for literally the WHOLE trip – but I still found them impressive enough to use.

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And then suddenly the staff were all, “the storm’s stopped, you can go on the ride now.”  Which left me a little like, um, sorry .. did no one else see the huge lightning storm??  Because I was already a little shiabout going on the ride in the first place, but being

And yeah.  Probably one of the most terrifying moments of my entire life.  My hands were definitely clammy as we were strapped in and I don’t think I let go of the shoulder pads for the entire ride.


Thank you for reading.

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