The Bullet Journal: being organised


Like anybody, I’m striving to be more organised.  Nobody likes the feeling or being overwhelmed or losing control on life neither do I.  And I owe a huge chunk of that feeling to being disorganised.  There, I admitted it.  As much as I’d love to write about how on top of everything I am and how tidy my life, on a whole, is.  But, instead, it is very much the opposite. 

I’m more of a ‘take it as it comes’ kind of person, leaving planning till the very last minute.  Which I guess is a way some people kinda like to live, but for me it hasn’t been working out so well.

So why be organised?

Well, “organised people are goal orientated”.  Now this isn’t to say that if you lack organisation, then you also lack dreams and aspirations.  But if you are more organised then you’re more likely to set yourself targets that you’ll ACTUALLY follow through; you have less time (or need) for procrastination. 

I feel like being organised gives you more of a purpose.  You know your goals.  You know your time frame.  And you know the steps needed to get there.  Planning becomes part of your routine.  And after putting some thought into what it is you want to achieve, you’re more likely to come up with an action plan that you’ll stick to.

I mean, people who remain organised stay that way for a reason.  It’s not all about tumblr-worthy journal pages (even if they are dreamy to look at).

It’s also a more efficient way of thinking.  I’ve always admired people who have everything in order as they can often complete tasks more quickly.  Whether this is writing a college essay, or remembering deadlines (not 24 hours before they’re due, which I’ve done far too often).  It’s being in control and preparing for whatever each month may bring.  Plan.  Plan.  Plan.  And everything else around you becomes easier.

And it’s said that all of this can contribute to less stress, which – as an easily stressed person – was intriguing to hear.  When it comes to stress, I go into ‘fight or flight’ mode.  More often than I’d like to admit I take the ‘flight’ route and stick my head in the sand.  I find it easier to hide from the problem rather than face it straight on because, let’s face it – who actually likes to deal with complications when they can just be ignored?  That being said, avoiding stressful situations doesn’t resolve them and make them go away.  They’re still there waiting for you at the end of the day.

By keeping yourself on top of things, you’re going to be more prepared, comfortable and less likely to be taken by surprise when something crops up.  Something I’m striving achieve over the next month. 

I used to be more organised than I am now, even if it was only half-ass.  I had a small year diary I would carry around in my bag; a space where I could print deadlines, appointments, birthdays .. anything.  And I admit, it was very handy.  I could just flick to any week and see exactly what I was going to be up to, and quickly check if I was free on certain days (even if it was just for concerts).  Where as the past couple of months I’ve grown kinda lazy.  Sure, I log everything mega important in my phone, and occasionally dig out my pocket diary from the bottom of my bag.  But, if I’m being honest, it’s kind of lame.

And that’s when I remembered the Bullet Journal.  The gem that I first heard about last year, as my Insta timeline filled with pretty hand drawn diary pages.  It’s a creative way of being organised, but with a little more .. oomph.  It’s more than just writing down key dates and then pushing it aside.  It’s a place to set goals; for the week, month, year.  A journal you can use to motivate yourself and catalogue your progression.  And this can be in more than one area too – work, uni, health, even your social life. 

It’s something you’re meant to enjoy doing, rather than it feeling like a mundane routine.

So hello May, the month of organisation and being completely prepared and ready for everything coming at me this month.  I’m moving towards a less cluttered life; less last minute assignments, forgotten jobs and six month late blog posts, less stress and panic attacks.  I want to be in control.

Enter bullet journal & consistent daily routine.  Two things I’m determined to stick to for at least a month.  A trial to see if these seemingly simple changes can kick my ass back into shape, and see me moving upwards.  Onwards and upwards.


I’ll keep you updated.

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