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Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam


This post is extreemly late (almost two months overdue, but hey, shoot me).  Better late than never if you ask me.  So, anyway.

Over the February half term, I was lucky enough to indulge in a few days away in the incredibly quirky and beautiful city of Amsterdam.  My girlfriend and I both decided that a little get away for Valentine’s day was much needed and I’m not really sure how Amsterdam became the chosen city, but it was definitely a good choice.

So here’s a little write up of some of the highlights of our trip:


Okay, to kick off this post I’m going to start with my one true love .. food.  We went to this trendy lil place called Bakers and Roasters which – FYI – was absolute heaven.  Being honest, my girlfriend picked it out, as I always feel a lil inferior when eating in anywhere slightly posher than a Maccies.

It paid off.  I went with a kinda rustic looking breakfast: thick hunks of toast, runny eggs and streaky bacon.  Oh, yeah, and some mini pancakes (which ofc were coloured pink because it was love day, how yummy).

We ate out a couple of other times – well, one of those times was getting burgers from a vending machine .. yeah, you heard me – but that totally counts as a proper meal .. right?

You can find these dotted around the Centraal Station, so defo worth a pit-stop on your itinerary.

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One thing in particular that Amsterdam is known is it’s quirky architecture.  This is easily recognised in the canal side houses (which are v Instagram worthy) and are so damn easy to stumble across.

We found a cheap canal cruise that gave us a tour around these lil babies for an hour, which had an audio tour to help immerse you into A’Dam’s history.  Let’s just say it left me all awe-struck and ready to uplift my life and move into one of the rectangle waterfront houses.  Dreamy doesn’t cut it.

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Next stop: Artis Zoo

Really? A zoo? Can’t you visit these pretty much anywhere?

Um, yes, you can.  But let me tell you, this place is by far my favourite zoo in the entire world.  And yes, I now have a ‘favourite zoo’.

Although being the oldest zoo in Europe, it far exceeded my expectations.  So much so that we accidentally spent the whole day there.  Which did mean we had three hours afterward to cram in everything else we wanted to do.  Oops.

But hands down worth it.  I was a little thrown at the amount of ‘open enclosures’ that allowed you to walk through with the animals, or be only a few feet away from them.  Definitely not something I had experienced in the UK.  Less focus on the cage aspect and more on the open environment I guess.

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In probably any major city you’ll be able to find an ice bar, which – like it says in the name – is made completely from ice.  Though, saying this, before Amsterdam I’d never actually been to one, so it was all v new.  We were issued with extra coats, gloves and tokens to exchange for drinks once we were inside.

Definitely an experience worth doing.  There are several drinks you can choose from, but obv Heineken was the main one (they literally sell this everywhere ok) which are all served in glasses made from ice .. ICE.. like, seriously .. am I the only one who is freaking out about how cool (excuse the pun) that is?!

Plus, we got served by a pirate, so if you’re not sold by this point – who even are you?

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Like an clichéd 21st century couple, would our love be truly justified without leaving a padlock marked with our names on a bridge.  I mean, is your love even real if you haven’t done this?

Ha.  I’m kidding.  But this is obviously a super cheesy thing to do.  But that didn’t stop my girlfriend and I pinning up our own.

There were a few other couples on the bridge who were doing the same as we were – pretending they just happened to be here and when they thought no one was looking, quickly attaching their lock and taking a couple of photos.

Because, if no one saw them, it doesn’t make it half as cringy – right?

But hey, I thought it was a cute thing to do seeing as this was our first adventure abroad with just the two of us, so was nice to commemorate it somehow.

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And then it was time to fly back home (insert broken heart emoji).  But we were plenty tired so were kinda craving our own bed.

I ALSO MADE A TEENY TINY VIDEO MONTAGE (I forgot to film for half the trip oops), WHICH IS LINKED BELOW!!

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