Looking Back on 2016


As 2016 is coming to a very abrupt end, I thought I would do a little reflection post of the year.  For most people 2016 was a complete and utter abomination (and I can think of several reasons why), but a lesson I’m am starting to learn is to look on the positive side of things.  As a human, I am very good at pointing out the bad in a situation, or sizing up the negatives before even considering the upside.

And it was only when someone said to me, “If you keep viewing the world negatively then you’re never going to be genuinely happy.  You need to push the bad things aside and start appreciating what you have in front of you.”

So I guess this post is a reminder to myself of all the things I am thankful for and that made my 2016 a much better year.

  • Getting into University

A Levels were a really shit two years for me.  I barely made it out the other side.  So the fact that I’m actually studying at a University and doing a course with something I’m genuinely interested in .. major happy about that!

This definitely didn’t seem at all possible at the start of 2016.


  • I fell in love

If you asked me a year ago, I would never have pictured myself as happy as I am now.  But over the summer I was lucky enough to find someone who makes me feel a little less crazy and whom I wouldn’t change for the world.  So thank you 2016 for bringing this person into my life.


  • I found my confidence

Over the year, I have become much more independent than I used to be.  I feel more happy about myself as a person.  And I can even see myself having a decent future, where at the start of this year it seemed hopeless.

I have a job I love.  I’m doing a course I was to pursue.  And I’m spending time with people who actually make me happy and build me up.  So kinda determined to stay on this upwards ladder.

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  • I was blessed with seeing over 20 of my favourite artists in concert

Major hell yeah.  Nothing makes me happier than that atmosphere of a concert and I was spoiled with plenty of those over the past year.  This definitely adds a little spark to my week and gives me the motivation to plough through till the weekend.

I couldn’t picture my year any other way without the perfect amount of country & pop rock concerts to keep me going.  Hopefully 2017 will have a few in store.

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  • It is far better to have two or three real friends than a dozen fake ones

Okay, true, this does sound like some god awful quote from Tumblr, but it is by far true.  IT was nice this year to focus my time on the people who really mattered to me.

I made more of an effort to catch up with people, even a little “how was your day?” text, and found it was something that worked both ways and really picked up my daily mood.  Plus getting out of the house on a Friday night instead of jealously flicking through Snapchat and being all “I wish my life was as exciting as everyone else’s” is a much healthier lifestyle.  Just sayin.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

  •  I realised how important family is

There have definitely been some moments this year when the only people I’ve had to turn to are my family.  And it really kind of sunk in how much they do look out for you and care for you, despite what I might sometimes think.  So thank you for making the low points of my year a little more bearable.

And for always being down for a sword fight.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

  • Getting to travel the states of America

This summer I stepped completely out of my comfort zone and took a road trip across the USA with a bunch of people who I had never met before.  This seemingly terrifying experience turned out to be the best decision in my entire life.

I made some life long friends, but also got to see landmarks and cities that I’d only dreamed of visiting.  The Grand Canyon.  Niagara Falls.  Chicago.  Los Angles.  Nashville.  New York!

I guess this trip was not only a monumental moment for 2016, but probably for my entire life.  So yeah.

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