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Yo, Yosemite National Park

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We’d had a long drive and had been stuck in the van for several hours on end, so made a pit stop as soon as we entered the National Park.

After a short two minute walk through a woods – we were even lucky enough to be stopped by a deer on our way – we walked out onto this breath taking valley.  Incredibly blue water and warm sand.  It was mega dreamy and all so jaw-dropping as the cliffs crept up either side of us giving an amazing back drop.

All that was left to do was go for a swim.  Obv.  And despite how crystal blue the water looked, it was pretty damn freezing.  But overall an exciting introduction to the park itself.  Oh boy Yosemite, I was already in love with you.

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After drying off and pulling on our clothes behind awkwardly balanced towels, we all headed into the park.

First stop: the Giant Sequoia trees.

I’d heard about these and had seen pictures, but I didn’t really think much.  That was until I saw them in person.  Stood at the bottom of one, they still reached dozens of metres above my head.  I fell in love with nature.

We even got to walk through the inside of one of the trees that had fallen down.  Like, I was inside a damn tree.  Inside.  And walking the length of it because, yeah, why keep things normal.

So as you can tell, the Giant Sequoia trees had a huge thumbs up from me.

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The next day we headed up to ‘Glacier Point’.  This place has a ridiculously high elevation and FYI – just in case you didn’t know – was the exact place where President Abraham Lincoln stood before deciding to grant Yosemite a ‘National Park’.

So as you would expect, the view was pretty phenomenal.  Photos will never be able to do it justice.  But let’s just say it’s an amazing spot to stare out in silence for a couple of minutes.  And, ya know, contemplate the meaning of life, consider quitting your job to travel the world and any other deep topics that happen to spring to mind.

It happens.  Especially with a view like this.

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Small hike to see a lake/waterfall.  Curry village.

Half of our group decided to hike down into the valley along the trail that stared in Glacier Point.  But myself and a couple of others decided to catch a ride back down into ‘Curry Village’ itself and to start the exploring from there.

There’s a visitors centre, gift shop, restaurant and a dozen other things down in ‘Curry Village’.  We may or may not have fallen asleep whilst watching a short movie about the park (lack of sleep struggles), gorged on an insanely good pizza and checked out the entire Yosemite souvenirs before heading out to go on a hike.

I’m not guilty for it.  A nap, food and a lil bit of self indulgence in the gift shop was exactly what I needed to re-charge me for the rest of the day.  No lie.

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The weather was beautifully hot (in a kind of “am I actually tanning or just sweating?” sort of way).  So it was nice to be able to mooch around some of the trails, taking in the scenery, whilst hiding in what little shade there was.  God bless trees.

We were supposed to be checking out one of the waterfalls in the park, but turns out, it was so ridiculously hot that there was not enough water to actually .. y’know, produce a waterfall.

Not that it mattered.  The day still disappeared quickly and before we knew it our time at Yosemite had come to an end.  *insert sad face emoji*

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I for realz fell in love with Yosemite.  And if I ever return to Cali (which, uh, yes, I will do) then I’m bringing my walking boots with me.

I was a little heartbroken about having to leave, but the big San Fran was our next destination and I couldn’t help but feel ecstatic about that.

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