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Oh Hey, Chicago

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After New York, the next major city I was to hit whilst travelling the states was Chicago.  I was super excited for this as one of my favourite TV shows (Chicago PD) was based here.

We arrived in the late evening and all super excited to be staying in a hostel.  Goodbye roll mats and hello mattresses.  And also slightly starving.

First thing’s first; food.  Always food.  And what else would you have for your first meal in Chicago apart from deep dish pizza.  We had this ordered to the hostel and oh boy, I could only manage two pieces of this thing.  It was super thick, more pie-like than a pizza, and mega tomato-y.

Just what the doctor ordered after a long drive.

The hostel we were staying in for the next few nights was a solid 11/10 on the scale of how hostels go; the comfiest beds, complimentary breakfast and a selection of pool and ping-pong tables.

Can definitely say we had a decent night in drinking whilst playing a few games of pool (even if I was close to awful at it).img_5745-2

The next day we decided to check out the aquarium, because for $8 who can blame you.  It was a super relaxed way to spend the morning, mooching around and peering in tanks, before stopping to check out the gift shop.  Was temptedvby a novelty “Harry Otter” t-shirts, that had a funny looking otter with a zig-zag scar on the front.  I’m not even sorry.

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Thinking with our stomachs (as per usual), we decided to grab lunch before continuing our exploring and I’ll tell you, it was definitely the best decision we made all holiday.

We went into a place called “Burger Bar”, which was a five minute walk from the aquarium, and my mouth may have watered slightly at the menu.

I ordered a “bbq beef burger, smoked pulled pork, grilled hot link, smoked tillamook cheddar, habañero-BBQ glaze + cucumber-onion slaw” .. or for short, heaven.  No lie.

This sexy lil burger was definitely my favourite meal of the entire trip.  I can’t even put into words how good it was, but let me tell you – if you’re ever in Chicago, pls pls pls (for your own sake) hit this place up.

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We had around two days in total in Chicago, which was nice as you could easily spend a whole day walking around the city, just admiring the architecture and quirks.  Which we did.

There’s the “bean” (proper name Cloud Gate) which is a a giant, metallic,  kidney-bean-shaped sculpture.  Kinda cool.  Mega tourist-y.  But you can get some stunning photos of it with the Chicago skyline in the background.

I was also a tad obsessed with the overhead railway.  See for yourself.  It’s cool.

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Final stop: Willis Skydeck.

An absolute must on any trip to Chicago.  Yes, the three hour queue to get to the top was a slight pain- yeah, three hours, tell me about it.  But, the view from the top of this iconic building only made me fall in love with cityscapes more.

Plus – and this is kinda cool – the Skydeck has a couple of those glass “boxes” that stick out the side of the building, so when you’re stood inside of one you can see the city busying along underneath you.  1,353 feet underneath you if you’re being specific.

Probs not for the weak-kneed, but a definite bucket list moment.  And a great photo op.

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And then, after the weekend, it was time to say goodbye.  And onward towards Badlands National Park.

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