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Let’s Talk About America: Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls – or more so, the ‘Maid of The Mist’ cruise – had been something I’d wanted to tick off my bucket list for a while.  And whilst on my travels with Trek America, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to do so.

The tour itself is less than $20 (includes a free poncho), and probably one of the best experiences I had whilst in the USA.  Plus, it was the second day of my trip, so I was pretty awestruck at everything I saw.

The complimentary poncho was definitely needed as the cruise takes you right up to the falls, so you do get a lil drenched.  But it was 100% worth it.  Obv.

And was such a good way to start a roadtrip is ya ask me.


Also .. here’s, like, a 20 second clip of my experience.

Look at for my next post: “Oh Hey, Chicago” to see the next stop in my travels.

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