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So here it is, the day I’ve been fantasising about since I fell in love with the USA; the day I finally get to cross the tiny pond called the Atlantic Ocean and explore America.

So.  Damn.  Excited.


My suitcase is all packed (aside from my toothbrush .. and raincoat .. and trainers..) and I’m sat here, downloading episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and stuffing my hand luggage with sweets and puzzle books ready for my 8 hour flight.  I even have several portable chargers at the bottom of my bag, so this long haul flight isn’t going to know what hit it.

Over the next two months I’m going to be travelling through 24 states, staying in a mixture of hotels, hostels .. and good ol’ back to basics camping with a company called Trek America.

This is probably the biggest thing in my life that I am about to do independently (yes, I still do things like make my Mum talk on my behalf at the doctors .. I’m not the only one, right?) which makes me super excited and maybe a teeny tiny bit nervous too.

But I’m going to be experiencing my USA pinterest boards come to life as I “ooh” at Niagara Falls and “aah” at the Grand Canyon, so suddenly I’m not so nervous and instead absolutely dying to read through my itinerary again.

Like I said earlier – So.  Damn.  Excited.


So bye blog, I’ll see you in two months.  Hopefully with a tan, a couple of souvenirs and a camera full of incredible photos.

And I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back.


(p.s. I’ve just checked the weather for New York and it’s apparently 33° so I’m probably going to die .. either from exhaustion or drowning in my own sweat, bye)

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