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6 Reasons Why Karlie Kloss Should Be Your Inspiration



Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Taylor Swift’s BFF.

When you hear the name ‘Karlie Kloss’ these are probably the first thoughts that spring to mind.

And hey, you wouldn’t be wrong, Karlie can definitely claim every single of of those titles .. and probably a dozen more.  But there’s a little more to her story than the catwalks and fashion shoots let on.

So here’s 6 reasons why this ex-Victoria’s Secret Angel is an inspirational angel of her own damn making:

1) She’s always spreading positivity 

Whether it’s over her YouTube channel or Instagram, Karlie is all about reaching out to people, especially girls, and reminding them that they are 100% worth it.  What an absolute honey.



2) “Karlie’s Kookies” – 

By teaming up with Momofuku Milk Bar‘s Christina Tosi, an award winning chef, Karlie introduced these “fashionably wholesome” vegan and gluten-free cookies.  These babies are naturally sweetened by agave nectar and containing absolutely no dairy products, meaning they can be eaten by pretty much everyone; which is always a bonus.

Plus, aside from being super delicious, healthy .. and well, designed by Karlie Kloss – each ‘Perfect 10’ Kookie sold provides ten school meals for hungry children around the world.

Who knew being charitable could taste so good?


3) She went back to school –

After finding an interest in computer science, specifically coding, Karlie decided to set aside her VS Angel wings and go back to school, by enrolling at New York University.  Despite already having a career and enough money to enjoy a secure future, she still chose to pursue her interest, breaking every stereotype people had about models.

“People don’t expect me to be well-read or have an opinion, I almost like that – I like being able to shock people”

I think this goes to show that education never goes out of style (pun was fully intended, soz).


4) “Kode With Klossy”-

Over the past few years Karlie has launched scholarship programs and summer camps specifically aimed at teenage girls interested in coding, all with the help of Flatiron College.  In her Teen Vogue interview she said she “aims to support and inspire girls to realize their potential and to learn this really empowering life skill.”

If this doesn’t scream inspiring then I don’t know what does.
KWKKode With Karlie

5) She teaches women to be strong – 

Being a model can be tough work, and Karlie isn’t one for slacking.  She’s all about feeling your best and pushing your body to be the best that it can be.  She’s one of the many faces representing “Nike” and is paving the way for women who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

She’s also taken part in marathons such as the “Race for The Cure” marathon in NYC in support of her mother who is a breast cancer survivor.
beauty-health-fitness-2014-07-karlie-kloss-nike-01SEMI-MARATHON DE PARISK

6) She’s all about friends

Karlie always makes time for her gal pals; be it at a fashion show, basketball game or a cross country roadtrip.  She’s a true reminder that good friendships really are important.


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