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Five Albums You Need To Have On Your iPod This Summer

“This Summer”.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

It’s rained pretty much everyday over the past few weeks, except for a few, so the term “summer” kinda seems little far fetched.  But I guess a few summer playlists can’t hurt right?

Plus, I’m your typical Brit who whips out my shorts n sunglasses as soon as I feel a little heat on ma legs (that means it’s totes summer, right?), so this post was bound to happen sooner or later.

I finish my exams at the end of this week so I can finally kick back and relax a little, without feeling 100% guilty for not pouring over one of my textbooks instead.  See ya revision n hello summer.

Hello NYC.  Hello American road-trip.  Hello freedom.

So, hey, back to the post;

.. however you’re planning on spending your summer hols; whether it’s tanning on a beach in a cute bikini or spending all day in your pyjamas binge watching TV series – here’s some of my current favourite albums to freshen up ya iPod.

Glorious, Foxes


Talking Dreams, Echosmith


Know-It-All,  Alessia Cara


Hero, Maren Morris


Delirium, Ellie Goulding


Also, if ya feel like recommending any albums then I would be hella grateful.  I have a nine hour flight coming up so any new music would be a blessing.

3 thoughts on “Five Albums You Need To Have On Your iPod This Summer

  1. omg I love echosmith and maren morris and alessia cara! We have so much in common! I’ll have a think about suggestions for your loooooong flight, it’s so cool you get to go to America I’m so jealous! Keep up the blog, I’m loving it, I want to be able to follow your travels! 🙂


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