Wait .. did somebody say exams?


So, as most people know it’s almost exam season, and for me, exams have already started.  Eek!

I’m definitely nervous.  I’m so nervous I could cry.  And I do.  Because I know that I need to get decent grades so I can get into Uni and actually have a life.  I would even sell one of my kidneys if it meant I could pass these exams with Bs.  No kidding.

Adios kidney, you were no use to me anyway.

Plus this daunting feeling of “I can’t do this” has suddenly appeared and I don’t know what to do with myself.  I know it’s cliched and everyone tells you “work hard or you’ll regret it later on” which is true .. I’ve figured that one out.  But what they don’t tell you is how to fix it.  People are happy enough to point out you might have messed up but, hey, they don’t tell you how to fix it.

The only thing giving me any sanity at the moment are the summer holidays.  The sweet sweet summer holidays, how I dream of thou.

And who knows?

Maybe I’ll win the lottery .. or end up eloping some blind rich guy, and all my problems will suddenly be solved.  Either suits me.  Ha.  Ha.


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