My Pull & Bear Wish List

Whilst in London the other weekend I was casually window shopping (I’d just eaten a massive burger and wasn’t quite ready the two hour drive home .. I had time to kill), when I stumbled across a Pull & Bear store.

I pretty much fell in love with everything inside, it was all so damn pretty.  And I wasn’t actually meant to be buying anything so (sadly) I had to minimise my purchases to only two things.

My fave at the moment is the western/cactus sweater.  It’s comfy.  It’s baggy.  And has cute embroidery across the front.  What more could you want?

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

So, I went home and browsed the online store (for longer than I probably should have) but, hey, if you can’t buy things you’re still allowed to add them to your basket – even if it is virtual.

Plus now you’re emotionally attached and you’ll inevitably end up mourning over them as the closest you’ll ever have is the pixelated version on your screen.  Totally real life problems.

To help me cope in this heart breaking time – call it closure – I complied a list of my current top items in hopes that someone else will buy them and love them for me ..

.. here’s my “7 must haves from Pull and Bear“.


1. Fringed Faux Leather Jacket

Oh god, to start with; fringed clothing is my absolute weakness.  Look how cute this damn jacket is.  The only thing missing is a motorbike and then I can imagine myself riding off into the sunset, killer heels, oh and ma brand new leather fringed jacket.


2.  Snazzy Unicorn Sweater

This is super cute, I mean, hello, it has unicorns on it for crying out loud.  And sweaters are always really comfy .. I’m tempted to buy this just so I can live in it for the next month (you might think I’m joking, but how well do you actually know me?).  Ha.


3. Girlfriend Patched Jeans

First things first; how damn comfy do these babies look?  I’d give anything to have these in my summer wardrobe to pair with my converse.  I’ve wanted a pair of patched jeans for ages and these there the ones .. I’m serious.  Would you say no?


4. Fringed Suede Duffle Bag

“A girl can never have too many bags” said a very wise and successful person whilst staring at this exact bag .. I’m not even kidding.  I mean, would you turn this snatch down?  And again with the fringing, it 100% has my heart.



5. Novelty Embroidered T-Shirt

Another novelty item (because you can never have too many) and hey, who doesn’t want a t-shirt  that calls out all those people who are a pain in the butt.  That is all.


6 . Double Buckled High Heeled Beauties

I’m no where near cool enough (or stylish enough) to pull these bad boys off, but imagine how slick they’d look with black jeans or even a skirt.  If I was five years old I’d stamp my feet and maybe throw a tantrum until these were mine .. but I’m 18 and supposed to be mature, so adios to my honeys.

*insert crying emoji*


7. “I’m Not Your Princess” Mug

No girl’s world is truly complete until they have a sassy mug in their life.  Tea.  Coffee.  Hot Chocolate.  Lemon and honey.  Who cares what you’re drinking because, damn girl, you’re your own princess and you can do what the hell you want.

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