Our Road Trip (of sorts)

We’d planned this roadtrip a little while back when we all brought tickets to see Halsey.  Chloe lived the furthest south and was planning to drive to the venue anyway, so it only made sense that she picked us up on the way.  That, and the fact the idea of a road trip was quite exciting.

So, for the road trip’s sake, I took the train down to Alice’s house near London where she met me at the train station (hot chocolate for me and all), and then we waited back at hers for Chloe and Leonie to come and pick us up.


And when they did we were all ready to go; snacks for the journey, coats to snuggle up with, some decent CDs.  And off we went.  Chloe’s little blue car pulled off and we were on our way.  Things were going good and we were all SO excited .. until the car broke down.

Yep.  You read that right.  Broken.  Caput.  Whatever you want to call it.  We were only two streets away from Alice’s house when it happened which was insanely lucky.  It took a group effort and with some assistance we managed to push the car off of the road (and when I say we, I mean everyone else did whilst I recorded it all on my phone).

We went back to Alice’s where her Mum cooked us pizza (what an actual life saver) and we looked at a solution.

A couple of hours and several phone calls later and we were on a train to Birmingham this time.  We were all hungry and cold (well I was, even after the pizza), but so thankful to actually be on the move again .. and in the right direction too.

have you noticed Chloe’s cute Disney bag?

FINALLY, we made it to Birmingham and made our way to our hotel (may or may not have got lost a few times).  When we got there the woman behind the desk delighted in telling us our stay included access to the gym on the bottom floor .. pha, like you’d catch us down there during our stay.

Halsey was absolutely amazing.  I’ve written a whole separate post about her and the whole experience at the concert which I’ll link somewhere.

After the concert we went and brought pizza (yes, I know, twice in one day), and took it back to our hotel room to eat.  It was then Alice and Leonie surprised us with matching pyjama sets for us all.  How.  Cute.  Are.  We.

The next day was basically an excuse to take lots of photos .. as you can tell.

Saying goodbye was a little hard .. especially when Leonie is going home to a completely different country over 500 miles away.  So there were lots of hugs and almost tears, but it made me so unbelievably happy to have spent the weekend with these girls.  Until next time.

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