So a few weeks ago I was luckily enough to go on a small roadtrip across England to see Halsey in concert.  After a few minor disasters (more about those in my “roadtrip” post), we all made it safely to Birmingham and had just enough time to dump our stuff, race to get ready and hop in a taxi to the venue.

When we got there I was a little thrown .. the queue was easily a mile long and the taxi driver followed it around corners until he finally dropped us at the end, several minutes later.  Originally, we’d booked tickets to see her in this tiny little place, probably only big enough for 500 people – but a couple of months before we were notified that there had been a “venue upgrade” and here we were, at the back of a massive line.  Upgrade and a half if you ask me.

We managed to queue jump a little bit by finding some of our friends, Meg and Beth, further ahead who had been queuing for a while (apologies to anyone behind us), which meant we didn’t have to wait in the cold for too long.

FINALLY, after a support act who I can’t really remember ( I think it was BØRNS) and A LOT of anticipation .. Halsey finally took the stage.

She’s definitely unlike any other artist I listen to – wikipedia calls her style of music “electropop”, which I guess is kind of indie – but was well worth the wait.


One thing that particularly stood out was how aesthetically pleasing the lighting and visuals were .. I mean .. look at them.  It was all so pretty and magical.  Plus she sang all of my favourite songs.  I found her kind of inspiring too; she occasionally did speeches before some her songs, explaining the meaning behind them and why she wrote them, which I thought was really special.


  1. Gasoline
  2. Hold Me Down
  3. Castle 
  4. Strange Love
  5. Haunting
  6. Roman Holiday
  7. Control
  8. Drive
  9. Ghost
  10. Is There Somewhere
  11. Hurricane
  12. New Americana
  13. Colors pt.II
  14. Colors (annoying American spelling)
  15. Young God





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