Internet Friends

Yesterday marked a year since I first met some of my “internet friends”, so I decided to do a lil post as tribute  to try and explain why these people are so important to me.

A lot of people give me a weird look when I explain I’m going to hang out with people I’ve met over the internet.  And I can totally understand why.  We’ve all read about teenagers who’ve been fooled into thinking they were talking to someone of a similar age, when in reality it’s a 40 year old guy who’s trying to take advantage.  It happens.  People are cruel.

But despite the people hiding behind facades, there are actually genuine people out there on the internet.  And I am lucky enough to have met some of my best friends this way.

I have fan accounts on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, where I talk about literally anything that makes me weak; TV shows, books, music, actors .. it’s endless.  It’s a place I can go and talk about absolutely everything and not have somebody roll their eyes and be all, “you’re way too obsessed, it’s sad”.  Being a fangirl isn’t weird.  Obsessing over things isn’t weird.  Everyone does it.  Some people obsess over work.  Some over travelling.  Some over more serious things like drugs.  And then there’s the people who obsess over fictional characters, or a band.  I’m the latter.

Through my fan accounts I’ve made friends with people who have similar interests to me.  We’d talk about TV shows we’d seen, or concerts we’d been to, and gradually we’d start talking about more personal things.  And then, without realising it, a discussion about my favourite book or a film I just saw at the cinema turned into daily texts, facetime calls and annual meet ups.

But why do these people mean so much to me?  Honestly .. I could give you a hundred reasons why.  They’re easy to talk to.  They’re some of the funniest people I know.  They’ve always got my back.  They’ve been there for some of my absolute favourite memories.  But underneath all that, I think it’s just nice to have someone who shares interests with you.  I mean, isn’t that the whole point of friendship?

And sure, we all have our differences; Hazel is a huge art fanatic, Laura and Alice are obsessed with musicals, Rikki likes pop punk where as Anna is obsessed with country, but there’s the odd thing that links us together and I just find it so fascinating that despite some of us living in completely different countries .. we can have things in common.

The past year has been one of the most magical EVER.  I’ve travelled across the country for birthday parties, concerts, sleepovers and meet ups with these people I met over the internet; my best friends.  And if it wasn’t for my cheesy lil fan accounts, then these photos below wouldn’t even exist .. and I wouldn’t know the people in them did either.  I’m eternally grateful.


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