My 18th Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned the grand age of 18.  I’m officially an adult by law.  It’s quite a terrifying concept really and I’m not sure who’s more scared .. me or my mum.

Apparently turning 18 comes with a lot of responsibilities so I decided to do some research on what’s changes once you turn the great one-eight, and thanks to Google I composed this list.

At 18 you can:

  • legally buy and drink alcohol
  • join the armed forces
  • buy fireworks
  • buy or hire a crossbow
  • vote in the general election
  • get married without my parent’s permission
I think the fact I can buy a crossbow and drink alcohol (preferably not at the same time, that could end tragically), kind of demonstrate how mature people are supposed to be by the time they hit 18 years old.
Though, for some reason I doubt my Mum would let me go all Daryl Dixon and own a crossbow .. god knows why not.

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