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Travelling and My Gap Year

This time next year I will have finished my A-Levels completely, and more importantly, I will have finished with school altogether.  For most people, the next step in their lives is to apply to University and start planning their career path.  But, because I like making things difficult for myself, I’ve decided not to do this.  Instead, I’m taking a year out.

I think everyone has dreamed about taking a year out of school – of life – and doing something like travelling.  I’ve always seen it as something I’ve wanted to do.

And there are so many places I want to see.  I want to see the rest of Europe; Sweden, Germany, Greece – I even want to see Paris again, but my all time number one place on my list is the United States – good ol’ America.  If you know me you’ll know it’s my life dream to go there – to sleep in cheap motels, to eat taco bell and chick-fil-a, to buy tacky fridge magnets from all the states.

But with no money to my name and not even a part time job, I kind of dismissed the possibility of it altogether.

Now, to the exciting part.  For my 18th birthday my Mum suggested that she could take me to New York for a week, but after I mentioned I wanted to take a year out, things grew from a week .. to three weeks .. to two whole months.  The idea of it seeming impossible – until this week I finally booked my flights.  So, next summer, from July to September, I am traveling around the states of America.  And I’m bloody excited.

Grand Treck

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