Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele

Back in August I took a little trip to London to visit one of my favourite people, Jessye, and to see some of my other favourite people in concert.  If you’re a fan of the TV series ‘One Tree Hill’ then you’ll know exactly who Tyler and Kate are as they play two of the characters on the show.


So, we arrived at the venue a couple of hours earlier than the doors were meant to open so there were only a few people in the queue in front of us.

Whilst we were waiting I noticed someone across the road who looked A LOT like Kate Voegele, but seeing as nobody else seemed to think anything of it I decided it probably wasn’t.  How wrong was I?  She walked across the road and right past us, giving a little wave in our direction when I eventually unfroze and squealed.  So that was pretty cool.

After a long wait we eventually got inside the venue (it was pretty tiny so I expected the concert to be kinda intimate).  Luckily we had friends who’d been to the pre-show meet and greet, so they’d saved us a space at the barrier.  FRONT ROW.  I was buzzing.

Kate Voegele came out first – looking hot a hell I might add – and I was freaking on the inside.  It felt crazy seeing someone from one of my all time favourite TV shows right there in front of me.

I think my favourite of the songs she sang had to be ‘Inside Out’, ‘Manhattan From The Sky’ or even her cover of Leonard Cohen ‘Hallelujah’.  Her setlist was kinda short but she honestly rocked it out there.


Tyler Hilton came on next and I thought by then I had my emotions under control … I clearly didn’t.  I’ve been such a huge fan of his music for 5 years so seeing him in concert had been on my bucket list for a LONG time.

He plays the role of one of my favourite characters, Chris Keller, on the TV show ‘One Tree Hill’, and he was also the male lead in Taylor Swift’s music video ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’.  I made really ugly noises throughout his setlist .. I apologise to anyone who was near me.


I can’t even begin to list my favourite songs of his so I’ll paste the setlist below so you can see what songs he did:

  1. One More Song
  2. Kicking My Heels
  3. Missing You (John Waite cover – he also sang this on stage with Taylor Swift back in 2007)
  4. Indian Summer
  5. Jenny 
  6. This Is Where My Heart Breaks
  7. Loaded Gun

To finish the whole show off Kate came back out on stage and her and Tyler sang a few songs together, everyone’s personal favourite obviously being their cover of Ryan Adams’ ‘When The Stars Go Blue’ – again, if you’re a ‘One Tree Hill’ fan you’ll understand why this was a particular favourite.


The next thing that happened was my favourite part of the entire night.  At the merch table they were selling tickets to a meet and greet with Tyler and Kate after the show and nothing in the world could have made me say no.

So – with a now lighter purse – we waited in line and after about 10 minutes of watching the people in front of us have their turn, it was ours.

I went last out of our group – I needed some time to calm my nerves and process that this was actually happening – and I gave Tyler such a huge hug I might have scared him a little.

We talked for a minute of so, they both asked my name and I gushed about how much I loved the show, and then we took a polaroid picture together.  They signed it too!!


I had such an amazing night and I’m so happy I actually got to meet two of my favourite people.  That was definitely the best part of it all.


Most of my videos from the concert are on my YouTube channel:

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