Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour – Round One: Manchester


24th June, 2015.  The 1989 World Tour, Manchester.

We ended up arriving half an hour before the doors were due to open which was a bit later than we’d planned, but we ran – glittery sign, fairy lights n all – to the arena and it was hella busy!


We decided to go and check out our seats and that was a big mistake … as soon as we walked into the arena and I saw how close we were to the catwalk I started bawling.  My Mum had to help me down the stairs to our seats and I kept getting weird looks because I sounded like I was choking.  Our seats were SO good!


After fixing my make up – I had mascara down my cheeks and my eyes were all puffy – we went through our VIP bags that came with our tickets.  We had keyrings, limited edition lithographs, 1989 cups, programmes and some rubber bracelets.  All of this didn’t stop us from making a pit-stop at the merch stand after the show!

The support act was Vance Joy who’s an acoustic singer from Australia.  He was cute and incredibly charismatic and sang mainly his top songs ‘Riptide’, ‘Georgia’ and ‘Mess is Mine’ as well as a couple of others.

I could never have prepared myself for the next two hours.  My sign did break during the first song (I danced a little too hard, okay, it was collateral damage) so I had to fix that whilst juggling my phone and camera, without tearing my eyes away from the stage.



I managed to catch Taylor’s Mum, Andrea, whilst she was walking around and looking at the crowd.  I’d written a letter for Taylor and stuck it in an envelope along with a dozen photos (one of them being an edit I’d decided to make of President Obama wearing her merchandise .. don’t ask what I was thinking .. I just hope she liked it, ha!)


I’m going to post the setlist here so you can see what songs she sang:

  1. Welcome To New York
  2. New Romantics
  3. Blank Space
  4. I Knew You Were Trouble (the high notes in this were incredible)
  5. I Wish You Would
  6. How You Get The Girl
  7. I Know Places
  8. All You Had To Do Was Stay (a personal favourite)
  9. You Are In Love (this involved audience participation which was fun)
  10. Clean
  11. Love Story (she’d remixed the original version of this to make it more ‘pop’)
  12. Style
  13. This Love
  14. Bad Blood
  15. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (the rock remix … you’ve not lived until you’ve heard it)
  16. Wildest Dreams (this was a mashup with another one of her songs, ‘Enchanted’ and the whole thing was a holy experience)
  17. Out of The Woods
  18. Shake It Off (cue giant spinning propeller)


There was one part during the show – whilst Taylor was introducing ‘Love Story’ where she flew around the area on this ‘propeller’ thing, and she came around to our section and looked right at us.  It was so magical.



During ‘Love Story’, Andrea came up to the people next to them and offered to move them into the pit right by the stage.  I think it was part to do with luck and part to do with my hysterical crying/singing that made Andrea turn to me and say, “did you want to come to honey?”

She lead us down to the floor and round to the pit at the end of the catwalk.  My heart literally stopped when we got there.  I had never, EVER, been this close to Taylor before.


I couldn’t even think straight at this point, the only thing going through my head was, “TAYLOR SWIFT IS THREE METERS AWAY FROM ME.”  I kept turning to grin at my Mum because I couldn’t quite believe what was happening.  It didn’t feel real.



By the time ‘Shake It Off’ came on – the final song – the whole arena was dancing like crazy and even parents, who looked like they had been forced to come, joined in.  There was confetti everywhere and IT WAS THE BEST ENDING TO A SHOW EVER!

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