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Iceland: Reykjavík, Horse Riding & The Blue Lagoon

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Iceland, oh boy, oh boy.  Everything about this country was an adventure from start to finish, so I decided write everything down in this post.

So here we are .. ta-dah!


➳ ➳ ➳

We started our journey in Reykjavik, spending a few days exploring the coastal town before heading to more of the rural regions.  It was such a beautiful place; brightly coloured rooftops, whale watching tours, and amazing architectural buildings (the HallgrÍmskirkja being one of my particular favourites).

Plus there was also this incredible burger place called Íslenska Hamborgarafabrikkan (yeah, rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it?), but honestly, the burger I had there was life changing.  No kidding.

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First things first; once you leave Reykjavik you probably won’t see another town for the entire length of your journey.  I mean, sure, there are numerous other towns in Iceland, but what you fail to realise from a map is how vast Iceland actually is.

It’s huge.  And for most of this ‘huge-ness’ there is literally nothing.

We spent hours driving down long straight roads until

What I didn’t expect was how unreal the rural landscape was going to be.  Iceland is known for its volcanic activity and this consequently has created some of the most beautiful scenery.  Over hundreds of years solidified magma has covered huge areas of land leaving fields upon fields of this bumpy, moss covered ground.

Pretty cool, huh?

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Anyway, whilst travelling around the island we stayed in small cabins and one of these also offered a horse ride for a little bit of extra money.  Seeing as my only experience of horse riding was being led round a paddock attached to some rope, the prospect of being let .. free .. to ride ourselves, excited me quite a lot.

Okay, being honest we weren’t left completely alone; we had a guide who rode with us and led us on a beautifully scenic route.  But anything horse related – steering, coaxing .. begging the damn thing to slow down – was left 100% to us.

And this was hands down one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

We rode through streams, alongside ditches and across beaches with this incredibly illusive black sand.  BLACK SAND.  Like, what?

I didn’t even realise black sand was a thing, but apparently it’s to do with the mix of solidified basalt lava from previous volcanic eruptions that makes it that colour.  Another quirk induced by the volcanic activity.

Finally, despite the blisters on my hands (because apparently I held the reigns hella tight) and my mega disobedient horse who totally thought he was in the Grand National and wanted to run like his life depended on it, we made it back from our two hour trip.

That said, I would definitely be down to do this again.

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If you ask most people, I think you’ll find the Blue Lagoon is on their bucket list.  For those of you who don’t know (shame on you .. I’m kidding), the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal outdoor pool.  Basically it’s heated by all the magma beneath the surface.  Freaky cool.

There was one thing I didn’t know that kind of shocked me a little; before entering the pool you must take a shower .. naked.  This almost made me abandon the entire thing because, hey, I might be in a different country but that didn’t mean I was abandoning my morals completely.

Bless the lord for the shower cubicle is all I can say.  I managed to dibs one of the few showers with a door and rinsed myself in private.

But, hey, once I through with all the naked showering shenanigans, I stepped out and giddily entered the pool.  Oh my, it was blissful.  A little overly hot in places (I guess I had the Earth’s mantle to thank for that), but compared to the surrounding icy air, the blue lagoon was like a giant blue blanket.

Plus the had pots of face mask dotted around the lagoon so I obv opted for the free facial.  And they had a cute little bar that you could swim up to and order drinks.

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Check out Part Two of my Icelandic Adventure here.


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