Ed Sheeran – Multiply Tour

Standing tickets.  A school day.

Two things that never bode well together

But despite arriving at the arena minutes before doors opened (I was a little apprehensive we were going to be right at the back, unable to see a thing .. worst case scenario, I know), we managed to get a pretty decent view.

There were two support acts, but I didn’t really pay attention to the first.  The second, “Saint Raymond” turned out to be much better than I anticipated.  He’s a single guy – real name Callum Burrows – and his music kinda reminds me a little of “Two Door Cinema Club“, indie pop/rock and very catchy.  I’m like, 100% sure he’s going to become an up and coming artist .. keep your eye on this one.

And the Ed took the stage.  It took me by surprise when he came out solo.  I hadn’t really put much thought into it beforehand,  but it made sense.  Ed liked to perform solo without any backing vocals or a band .. a challenge for any artist I’m sure.  But he managed to control every aspect of the crowd for two whole hours and I was completely blown away.

He used a loop pedal to record sounds he made on his guitar or with his voice and then layered them over the top of each other .. the result was phenomenal.  It showed a whole new side to what an acoustic artist could achieve and I’ve never appreciated Ed Sheeran’s talent until now.  I was speechless.

He also had this array of different sized screens that displayed visuals; sometimes of him, and sometimes of pictures relating to a song.  These definitely helped the audience to feel closer – I mean, I sure did – even if you weren’t in the first couple of rows.  Plus they also gave you something to look at and enjoy whilst Ed layered up and prepared each song.


The setlist was pretty impressive if you take into account he was doing it solo:

  1. I’m A Mess
  2. Lego House (last time I saw him sing this was on Taylor Swift’s Red Tour as a surprise guest – major feels!)
  3. Don’t/Loyal/No Diggity (such a good remix)
  4. Drunk
  5. Take It Back
  6. One
  7. Bloodstream
  8. Tenerife Sea
  9. Runaway
  10. Photograph (this is a surprise song that he alternates each night)
  11. Thinking Out Loud
  12. I See Fire
  13. The A Team
  14. Give Me Love
  15. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (he did an amazing 10 minute rendition of this song which honestly blew the crowd away .. did he even breathe?)
  16. Sing


Definitely an artist I would recommend seeing live if you haven’t already.  I don’t think anybody can say Ed Sheeran isn’t their style of music.  He’s way too talented to even dismiss.



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