My First EVER Post ..

I’ve tried blogging numerous amounts of times and I’ve never been able to stick at it, so my resolution for this year (okay, I know it’s only mid September, not New Years but let me live) is to be more persistent by remembering to actually post something every once in a while.

I absolutely adore writing (my dream is to be an author) so I’m hoping this blog will give me my weekly/monthly fix so I won’t feel as compelled to write everything in my head down the margin of my school work.  Instead my kinda aim is to type it all up on here.  Well … the non-weird stuff.

I guess the general theme I’m aiming for is something to do with the two loves of my life: music and books (hence the title) plus a few other things.  I’m planning on writing about concerts, books, TV shows and the god send of a country that is America – I’m not obsessed, I promise.

So, hey .. here we are, my very first post.  Fingers crossed that my future self doesn’t muck this up!

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